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F.A.Q. for the WWWBOARD


  1. Why can't I post my name?

  2. How do I attach those smiley-images to my post ?

  3. What does FTL mean? ROTFLMAO? IMHO? All these Acronyms? 



1. There are certain names that are reserved for our moderators. For all moderators you must enter your regular name, "/" and your moderator password in the name field.

Name: "name/password"

2. Simply type in one of the following text symbols, and it will be automatically converted to its symbolic counterpart.

Text Symbol Graphic Description
:)) Big Smile Big Smile
:) or :-) Smile Smile
;) or ;-) Wink Wink
:D or :-D Big Smile Big Smile
:P or :-P HaHa HaHa
:( or :-( Frown Frown
:-\ Sarcasm Sarcasm
8-) or 8) Wearing Shades Wearing Shades
:o or :0 Ohh Ohh
.-) Cyclops Cyclops
:<-- Arrow Head Arrow Head
|-) Eyes Closed Eyes Closed
:-$ Confused Confused
:borg: Borg Borg
:walker: Walker Walker
:bouncer: Bouncy Bouncy
:alien: Alien Alien

3. You can search for a list of abbreviations to terms commonly used on internet by clicking here.


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