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Nortel in black pit of despair
Losses keep pilling up at Nortel Networks as the firm announced a Q4 deficit of $1.83 billion, bringing net losses for the year to $ 27.30 billion.

Nortel's revenues from continuing operations for Q4 2001 were $3.46 billion compared to $8.20 billion in the same period in 2000. Revenues in 2001 for the Canadian firm were $17.51 billion compared to $27.95 billion in 2000.
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             Posted by: admin     Date Posted: 1/18/2002 11:36:13 PM

Dell takes 27pc of US PC market
More than one in four PCs sold in the US in the last three months had a Dell badge, according to analyst estimates cited by Dell today in an upbeat trading statement.

In Dell's Q4 (not over yet - it finishes on Feb 1) , the company will account for 27 per cent of all PCs sold in the US, totting up to sales of $8 billion.
This is more $400m than it had previously expected. Earnings per share will come in at 17 cents, when the company releases its full financial results on Feb 14.
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             Posted by: admin     Date Posted: 1/18/2002 11:29:47 PM

America Attacked
Even though there is no category for the recent tragic, I would like to express my sympathy and condolences to the injured people and the families that have lost loved ones.

“At 8:45 a.m. EDT, the first of two airliners crashed into the World Trade Center, opening a horrifying and apparently coordinated terrorist attack on the United States, which saw the collapse of the two 110-story towers into surrounding Manhattan streets and a later attack on the Pentagon.” - CNN
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             Posted by: admin     Date Posted: 9/12/2001 11:34:27 AM

VIA sues Intel, claims ownership of Pentium 4 patents
We were sure it would happen when we read on Saturday that Intel had finally set its legal dogs on VIA (see Intel sues VIA over chipset upset) over the chipset maker's use of Pentium 4 bus technology. Sure enough, VIA this morning announced it's suing Intel back.

As you might expect, the VIA action, launched this morning in both the Taiwanese court - a parallel action will be filed in the US later today - alleges anti-competitive behaviour.
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             Posted by: admin     Date Posted: 9/10/2001 10:35:51 AM

HP to buy Compaq
So this was Compaq CEO Michael Capellas' grand plan to transform the company within 180 days: sell it to competitor Hewlett-Packard for $25 billion in shares.

The two companies last night announced a mega-merger in which HP shareholders will have 64 per cent of the combo and Compaq shareholders will take 36 per cent.
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             Posted by: admin     Date Posted: 9/4/2001 3:16:04 PM

Technology slump costing Hitachi over $1 billion
TOKYO--Hitachi, Japan's largest electronics maker, said on Friday it would cut 14,700 jobs, or 4 percent of its global work force, this year as it braces for a loss of over $1 billion brought on by the information-technology slump.
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             Posted by: admin     Date Posted: 8/31/2001 11:46:32 AM

AMD cuts CPU prices again
AMD has cut its prices. It updated its official processor price list on 20 August, and yesterday it did so again.

The latest prices more closely match what AMD's chips are actually being sold for, so perhaps they shouldn't be regarded as a cut at all. After we ran our last item on AMD's official prices, numerous Register readers wrote in to tell us they could but AMD CPUs far below the listed prices.

In today's official changes, the 1.4GHz Athlon fell from $253 to $130, a fall of 49 per cent. The 1.3GHz part fell from $230 to $125, down 46 per cent. The 1.2GHz chip was down 40 per cent, from $199 to $120. The 1.1GHz Athlon dropped from $179 to $115, a fall fo 36 per cent, and the 1.0GHz chip fell from $160 to $115, down 28 per cent.
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             Posted by: admin     Date Posted: 8/28/2001 11:35:10 AM

NEC sells laser printer to Fuji Xerox
August 24, 2001 (TOKYO) -- Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. said Thursday that it will buy NEC Corp.'s laser printer business at the end of September.

Fuji Xerox will buy all the outstanding shares of NEC Niigata, which runs the laser printer business, for about 20 billion yen.
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             Posted by: admin     Date Posted: 8/24/2001 11:58:01 AM

Intel to cut P4 prices
Intel will cut its Pentium 4 prices by up to 55 per cent on Sunday, just ahead of the launch of 1.9GHz and 2GHz versions of the same processor.

The chip giant has already confirmed the arrival of the 2GHz P4, which will be officially rolled out at Intel's Developer Forum on Monday. Interestingly, the company will also be showing off the first Mobile Pentium 4, we hear. That's based on the upcoming Northwood 0.13 micron P4 die-shrink and isn't scheduled to ship until February 2002.
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             Posted by: admin     Date Posted: 8/24/2001 11:19:28 AM

AMD price cuts
AMD cut its prices yesterday, getting in ahead of Intel, which is expected to make major cuts to the Pentium 4 line next Sunday, 26 August. Intel will knock up to 55 per cent off P4 prices - AMD came close with cuts of up to 49 per cent.
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             Posted by: admin     Date Posted: 8/22/2001 10:35:08 AM


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